Generating Dynamic Phone QR Codes in 7 Steps

an illustration of a person holding a phone and a QR code

Phone QR codes have become an integral part of our daily lives since they offer simple, rapid, and convenient access to information. But what if we told you that QR codes are more than just a quick scan? Dynamic phone QR codes allow you to personalize and update the content they contain, bringing versatility and functionality to a whole new level.

We'll take you step by step through the process of generating dynamic phone QR codes in X steps in this article.

You'll learn how to make successful QR codes as well as how to develop dynamic QR codes for your personal or professional use.

Let’s explore how to do it together.

Understanding Dynamic Phone QR Codes

a person holding a phone and scanning a QR code

QR codes are everywhere now, and phone QR codes are the perfect way to share contact information and connect with an audience or customers.

So, what are dynamic phone QR codes exactly?

Unlike static codes, dynamic QR codes aren't fixed in their content. You can update them even after generating them, adapting the information to your changing needs. This flexibility makes dynamic phone QR codes a powerful tool for businesses and individuals alike.

Advantages of Dynamic Phone QR Codes

According to a survey by Statista, in 2022, the number of smartphone users in the United States scanning QR codes on their mobile devices increased by 26% compared to 2020, totaling approximately 89 million users.

It is expected to continue, with over 100 million users projected to use mobile QR code scanners in the U.S. by 2025.

By looking at these statistics, it can be said that QR codes are becoming increasingly popular. When it comes to phone QR codes, they have many advantages for different use cases.

The biggest advantage of dynamic phone QR codes is that if you change your phone number, you don’t have to create a new QR code from scratch.

With dynamic phone QR codes, you can remotely change content without dealing with generating new ones. You can quickly fix mistakes, update information, and share contact details seamlessly.

Another major advantage of dynamic QR codes is their ability to redirect users to different destinations based on context.

With dynamic phone QR codes, you can benefit from targeting options, which will allow you to display certain codes with specific numbers.

two men sitting on chairs and checking their computers

Tracking becomes a breeze with dynamic phone QR codes. By using a QR code generator, you gain insights into scan numbers, locations, and even devices used. This data lets you measure campaign effectiveness, refine strategies, and make data-driven decisions.

Dynamic phone QR codes find applications in marketing, product packaging, events, and customer engagement. They engage customers, drive website traffic, gather data, and deliver personalized experiences.

Overall, dynamic phone QR codes offer flexibility, trackability, and a seamless user experience. By tapping into their power, you can unlock new dimensions in your marketing efforts and captivate your audience with personalized content.

How to Create a Dynamic Phone QR Code with Easy Steps

You can quickly and easily create a dynamic phone QR code with QRCodeDynamic in just a few seconds!

To create a dynamic phone QR code quickly, start by following the steps listed below.

Step 1: First, if you haven't already, create an account and sign in to it.

a screenshot of sign up and sign in sections on QRCodeDynamic

Step 2: Navigate to the "Dashboard" part from the homepage.

a screenshot of navigating to the dashboard page on QRCodeDynamic

The dashboard part provides an overview of your QR codes, links, projects, pixels, and domains.

Step 3: Then go to the "Links" section.

a screenshot of links part on the dashboard of QRCodeDynamic

Step 4: On the “Links” page, click on the "Create link" button to generate your link.

create  link” button on the links page of QRCodeDynamic

Step 5: Enter the phone details into the "Destination URL" part with the suitable format.

a screenshot of entering phone information to destination URL and generating a link on QRCodeDynamic

You must enter your phone number in the format "tel:+901234567890"

You will then be able to generate a link that acts similarly to making a phone call.

After you've done entering the target URL, click the "Create" button to finalize your link.

On the same page, click on the "Generate QR code" button from the left part.

Step 6: Choose "URL" to create your dynamic phone QR code.

a screenshot of choosing URL from the QR code types list of QRCodeDynamic

Step 7: Enable the "Dynamic QR code"

a screenshot of choosing dynamic QR code on QRCodeDynamic

Choose your dynamic link from the list

a screenshot of choosing a dynamic link from the list on QRCodeDynamic

Your dynamic phone QR code is now complete & ready to be used! You can finalize it by clicking the "Create" button and then printing or downloading it by clicking the "Print" and "Download" options underneath your QR code.

You can test your QR code before distributing it to check that it functions correctly.

Note: You can customize your QR code's style, colors, branding, and options as well.

By going to the “Style,” “Colors,” “Branding,” and “Options” parts, you can make additional changes and customizations to your QR code as well.

You can modify your QR code's overall style from the "Style" section.

You can change the colors of your QR code to make it appear more appealing by navigating to the "Colors" section.

Additionally, you can add and modify your logo in the "Branding" section to improve brand recognition.

Finally, you may customize your QR code's size and margin size by navigating to the "Options" section.

Tips to Create Engaging Dynamic Phone QR Codes

a cafe coworker and customer using QR code on a smartphone

Creating dynamic phone QR codes isn’t just about functionality; it's an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

Follow these tips to ensure your dynamic phone QR codes stand out and engage users effectively:

Include a clear call to action (CTA): Clearly communicate the desired action alongside your QR code. Use phrases like "Scan to explore" or "Unlock exclusive offers" to prompt users and entice them to scan.

If you aim to increase your phone calls, using clear and catchy calls to action can be useful to achieve your goals. Try not to overwhelm your users with spammy words and long phrases on our CTAs.

Make the most out of customization: Make your QR codes visually appealing and aligned with your brand. Customize them with colors, logos, or QR styles that represent your brand identity.

Using lively and attractive QR codes will benefit you a lot in grabbing your target audience’s attention. Make sure that the colors you use fit your brand’s style and brand colors, making it look consistent on your website.

Don’t forget error correction: Ensure your QR codes have sufficient error correction to withstand damages or distortions. This prevents scanning issues and ensures a seamless user experience.

Always test your QR codes before printing them out and distributing them for maximum efficiency.

a man scanning a QR code from another phone

Optimize for mobile devices: Optimize your QR codes for mobile devices, the primary scanning devices. Test them on different smartphones and QR code reader tools to ensure compatibility and easy scanning.

Since the aim of your dynamic phone QR codes is to make phone calls, make sure that your numbers are correctly working once people scan the code you provided them.

Track and analyze for better insight: You can use dynamic QR code generator tools to track and analyze performance. Monitor scan numbers, user locations, and scanning devices to refine your marketing strategies.

That way, you can get an insight into your audience’s profile and activities to offer them a proper experience.

Focus on contextual relevance: Tailor the content of your dynamic QR codes to be relevant and valuable in specific contexts. Provide product-specific information, reviews, or special offers to enhance the user experience.

a shop assistant and customer near the oven with a QR code

Ensure strategic placement and visibility: Strategically display your QR codes in locations where your target audience can easily spot and scan them. Consider product packaging, storefronts, marketing materials, websites, and social media profiles.

You can play with the QR code placement according to your goals and business objectives for sure.

To cut a long story short, by implementing these tips, you can create engaging and effective dynamic phone QR codes that capture your audience's attention and drive desired actions.

Remember to regularly review and update your codes to keep the information relevant and valuable.

Also, don’t forget to update the details of your phone QR codes if you change your phone number to provide a seamless experience.

In Conclusion

To conclude, that is all for creating a dynamic phone QR code with simple steps!

By following the steps we explained in detail in this guide, you will be able to create custom QR codes that adapt to your changing needs and deliver a seamless user experience.

These dynamic codes open up a world of possibilities, empowering you to engage customers, track analytics, and enhance your marketing efforts.

Ensure your codes are prominently displayed on marketing materials, websites, and product packaging to maximize their visibility. Regularly test, update if needed, and verify the functionality of your QR codes to guarantee a smooth user experience.

Don’t hesitate to explore new ways to incorporate QR codes into your campaigns and track their performance. You can continuously experiment and optimize to achieve the best results.

We hope you found this article beneficial and now can create dynamic phone QR codes for personal or business use!


What is The Difference Between Dynamic & Static Phone QR Codes?

Dynamic QR codes offer versatility in the information they provide because they can be updated and changed even after being generated. On the other hand, once generated, static QR codes contain fixed content that cannot be altered.

How Can I Make My Dynamic Phone QR Codes More Contextually Relevant?

Think about where your QR codes will be scanned and customize the content properly. If your QR code is placed on a product, for example, provide product-specific information, reviews, or special offers. Personalization improves the user experience and boosts engagement.

Where Should I Put My Dynamic Phone QR Codes for The Most Visibility? 

Display your QR codes prominently in strategic spots where your target audience can readily see and scan them. Product packaging, shops, marketing materials, websites, and social media profiles are all common placement alternatives.

Can I Use Dynamic Phone QR Codes for Personal Purposes? 

Without a doubt! Individuals can utilize dynamic QR codes for a variety of personal objectives, such as providing contact information, making digital business cards, or linking to personal websites or portfolios.

Can I Monitor The Effectiveness of My Dynamic Phone QR Codes?

Yes, tracking and analytics functions are available with dynamic QR code generation tools. To acquire insights into the performance of your QR codes and make educated decisions for future campaigns, you may track the number of scans, user locations, and scanning devices.

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