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.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif allowed. 1 MB maximum.
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Make sure to test out your configured QR code before using it in production.

What is a Facetime QR Code?

A facetime QR code is a scannable code that works as a phone number or email address. People who scan the code can easily make a facetime call by simply scanning the QR code without having to enter the phone number or the email address.

Why Use a Facetime QR Code?

Facetime QR codes have revolutionized how you communicate with your beloved ones, family members, friends and even the target audience of your company. The benefits of QR codes go beyond just linking to a URL.

QR codes may also assist you in engaging with your clients and attracting new leads by linking them from offline to online platforms and between online sources.

People using Macs, iPhones, or other devices running Apple's iOS operating system can quickly contact you without your phone number or email address by simply scanning your Facetime QR code generated by QR Code Dynamic, the QR code generator tool.

How to Create a Facetime QR Code?

Enter your phone number or email address and click "Create". Done! Your facetime QR code is ready to use in seconds. Simple, right?

Optional Customization Steps

If you want to take one step further and level up your facetime QR code, go ahead and apply some of the optional customization options below.

1. Change the color of your QR code by navigating to the "Color" section. Try out different color combinations to show your creativity.

You can even change the eye color of your facetime QR code for a never-seen-before impact.

2. Next stop "Branding". If you want to use your facetime QR code for business purposes, add your logo here to make your brand more visible.

3. Continue with "Options". Adjust the size of your facetime QR code. Set the error correction capability and margin size.

4. Test your facetime QR code and then click "Create". Your facetime QR code is ready to go!

Why are Facetime QR Codes Better with QR Code Dynamic?

- Thanks to QR Code Dynamic, your privacy is ensured. Except for the QR codes you freely preserve in your account, we do not save any data from your produced facetime QR codes.

- Your facetime QR codes will be highly customizable. You may create the QR code you want, then brand it with your company's colors and logo.

- You can track the pixels of your facetime QR code. Facebook, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora, and TikTok tracking pixels are available with QR Code Dynamic.

- Create different projects to categorize your managed resources categorize your managed resources easily.

- You don't have to dive right in; we have a Free Plan for you to take your time and play around with the advantageous QR codes of QR Code Dynamic. The free plan of QR Code Dynamic offers:

  • 13 QR code types
  • 5 saved QR codes
  • 5 projects
  • 5 pixels
  • 5 custom domains
  • 180 days statistics retention

When ready, upgrade your plan and make the most of your facetime QR codes.