How to Generate Leads Using QR Codes (Complete Guide)

Discover how QR code lead generation is revolutionizing digital marketing.

In this post, we'll learn why QR codes are essential for efficient, cost-effective lead generation, outlining their pivotal role in business growth.

We'll guide you through the process of using QR codes to generate leads, offering practical tips and strategies.

Ready to boost your leads with QR technology? Let's explore how!

4 Key Benefits of QR Codes for Lead Generation

As the digital world forges ahead with innovative technology, it's only wise that businesses stay at the forefront. Among these advancements, QR codes are a powerful tool for effective lead generation.

Let's explore how these tiny, pixelated squares can revolutionize your lead-generation tactics.

1. High Conversion Rates

One of the foremost benefits of using QR codes for lead generation is the potential for high conversion rates. Let's face it, conventional marketing strategies are predictably time-consuming, with a considerable probability of unproductive outcomes.

However, QR code lead generation changes that, providing instant gratification for users and hence improved conversions for you.

With a simple scan of a QR code, your potential leads can directly access whichever service or product you intend them to experience.

This instant connection eradicates the need for exhaustive search or navigation challenges, thus improving the accessibility of your products to the customer.

Think about it. A customer sees your QR code on a poster, scans it, and instantly lands on your chosen product page. The drastic reduction in steps leads to a much quicker conversion cycle, significantly increasing your conversion rates.

2. Higher Engagement Rates

In an age where everyone craves interactivity, QR codes present an intriguing allure for potential customers.

QR codes foster higher engagement rates by offering a visually engaging and interactive experience. It's this simple - the higher your engagement rates, the more robust your lead generation process.

People love QR codes for their ease of use, and they are often seen as an enjoyable novelty. As such, they're more likely to engage in scanning and interacting with your QR codes, giving you an excellent opportunity to pique their interest in your products or services.

Moreover, unlike standard online ads that most people find intrusive, a QR code invites users to interact at their own convenience.

This voluntary involvement boosts their engagement levels and overall user experience, making potential leads view your brand in a positive light.

3. Cost-Effective

The beauty of QR codes is that they are enormously cost-effective. Conventional advertising channels such as print, radio, or television can be expensive and don't always yield compelling returns. However, the cost to generate a QR code—digital or printed—is significantly lower.

QR codes are easily generated with several free or low-cost tools available online. This lowers the entry barrier for any business, no matter its size, making QR code lead generation an accessible and versatile strategy for all.

4. Seamless Direction to Conversion Points

QR codes, when employed correctly, can serve as a direct pipeline to your key conversion points. With the right call to action coupled with your QR code, you can directly guide your customers to desirable actions.

Whether it's subscribing to newsletters, downloading a PDF guide, or purchasing a product, QR codes can lead users straight to these conversion points. This ensures a seamless user journey from the point of scanning to conversion, ultimately making your lead-generation process a resounding success.

In essence, embracing QR codes as a part of your lead generation efforts could open up new avenues for your business. Akin to many digital marketing strategies, it's vital to recognize the true potential of QR code lead generation and capitalize on it!

But how exactly do you generate leads using QR codes? Stay tuned as we break down this process in the coming sections.

How to Generate Leads Using QR Codes with 7 Ways

Now that we've covered the "why," let's discover the "how." How exactly does one use QR codes to generate leads?

1. Increase Your Web Traffic Through QR Codes

The first method to utilize QR codes for lead generation involves increasing web traffic.

By embedding your website's URL into a QR code, users can quickly scan the code and land directly on your website, thus increasing your web traffic.

Here's how:

  • Create a QR code using a QR code generator like QRCodeDynamic online. Simply input your website URL into the designated field and generate your unique URL QR code.
  • Incorporate this QR code into your marketing materials – brochures, flyers, event banners, or even product packaging.
  • Encourage your customers to scan the QR code by adding a compelling call-to-action like 'Scan to Explore' or 'Discover More.'

Now, you have the power to redirect offline customers to your online presence, thereby boosting your web traffic.

2. Use QR Codes to Collect Email Addresses

QR codes can also play a crucial role in boosting your email subscription list. By creating a simple form linked to a QR code, customers can quickly fill out their information and get on your mailing list.

  • Design a sign-up form using platforms like Google Forms or JotForm.
  • Link this form page to a QR code.
  • Add this QR code to your marketing material with an enticing call to action like 'Sign Up for Exclusive Offers.'

Customers can quickly join your email list hassle-free, adding another lead to your database.

3. Engage with Social Media and QR Codes

Digital marketing tactics are not solely about converting leads into buyers; it's also about engaging and retaining them. Utilizing QR codes to boost your social media presence can help you achieve this.

  • Create separate QR codes for your key social media profiles like Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  • Include these on your business cards, brochures, or in-store displays.
  • This way, customers can reach your social media accounts in one scan, making it easy for them to engage with your content and become a part of your online community.

4. Transform Your VCard Into A Lead Generation Tool

Why not replace your conventional business card with sensory-enticing, digitally-optimized vCards?

Incorporating a vCard within a QR code can make exchanging contact information quick and effortless.

  • Embed your personal and professional contact information into a vCard.
  • Link your Vcard with a Vcard QR code.
  • With a single scan, your leads can store your contact details on their phones, making it convenient for them and advantageous for you.

5. Connect With Influencers Using the Instagram QR Code

Influencer marketing has been a growing trend in digital marketing strategies, and there is no reason why QR codes can't tap into this reservoir.

  • Collaborate with influencers and share your Instagram QR code with them. They can incorporate this into their content or promotional material.
  • This way, when their followers scan it, they'll land straight on your Instagram profile, potentially increasing your follower count and engagement.

6. Redirect Customers To Engaging Videos With QR Codes

Visual content has proved to be engaging for consumers, and QR codes make it all the more accessible.

  • Embed the URL of your promotional video, tutorial, or other engaging content into a QR code.
  • Include this QR code in your print marketing materials or online ads.
  • When customers scan this code, they're directed straight to your chosen video, effectively engaging them with your brand.

7. Redirect Customers To Lead Capture & Contact Forms

Instead of using typical web forms for customers to contact you, integrate a contact form link into a QR code.

  • Use an online form builder to generate a form specific to your needs.
  • Connect the URL for this form to a QR code.
  • Customers can then scan this to access the contact form immediately, adding convenience for them and another lead for you.

6 Types of QR Codes You Can Use to Generate Leads

Continuing on the path of QR code lead generation, let's tackle another vital question: how to create QR codes that will assist your lead generation endeavors?

Utilizing these practical tools can set your business apart, amplifying your lead generation efforts.

Let's explore a few impactful types of QR codes you can use to generate leads:

1. Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards are revolutionizing traditional business cards, revealing an innovative approach to sharing your details effortlessly.

Incorporating a QR code into your digital business card can make this process even more seamless.

  • Use an online generator to create a VCard with your personal and professional contact information.
  • Make sure to include key information like your name, job title, company, email, phone number, and website/social media links.
  • Generate a QR code that links to this VCard and incorporate it into your digital business card design.
  • Anyone scanning the QR code will automatically store your contact information in their device, making it easier for them to contact you.

2. Customized Landing Page

Creating a customized landing page that links from a QR code can boost customer engagement and lead generation. It provides a personalized experience to your audience, which can significantly increase conversions.

  • Set up a customized landing page relevant to the content where your QR code will be placed. Use persuasive call-to-actions and consider incorporating a lead capture form.
  • Connect the URL of this landing page to a QR code.
  • Now, whenever a user scans your QR code, they'll be taken to your customized landing page, where they can learn more about your business, engage with your content and spark the lead generation process.

3. Access to Coupons

Everyone loves a good deal.

And if you deliver it straight to your customers using QR codes, you can drive higher engagement and conversion rates.

  • Set up a special coupon code for your e-commerce store or offer a downloadable voucher.
  • Generate a QR code that leads to this coupon or voucher.
  • This method ensures a simple yet dynamic way to share special offers, boosting your customer interaction which can inevitably lead to growth in lead generation.

4. PDF Access

Enrich customer experience by providing them quick access to helpful information in the form of PDF files.

  • Create a PDF file loaded with valuable information for your potential customers. It could be a step-by-step guide, an informative eBook, or a detailed product manual.
  • Host this file on your website and use the URL to create a QR code.
  • Print or share this QR code online and entice customers to scan it and download your beneficial content. This could form the basis for nurturing leads in the future.

5. Using Google Forms

Google Forms can act as an effective channel for your lead generation activities, and coupling it with QR codes can make it more fruitful.

  • Create a comprehensive form on Google Forms for lead capturing. Try to maintain a balance between gathering the necessary details without overwhelming the user.
  • Generate a QR code linked to this form and embed it into your marketing material.
  • With a simple scan, users can access and fill out the form, providing you with essential lead information.

6. Mobile App Download

If you have a mobile app for your business, QR codes can lead the customers straight from scanning to installing your app.

  • Link your app download page (either on the App Store or Google Play Store) to a QR code.
  • Incorporate this QR code into your digital and physical marketing materials. Customers can seamlessly scan and install your app leading to amplified user engagement.

This clearly illustrates how to create QR codes to generate leads. It's important to know that the utility of QR codes is not bounded, but their effectiveness largely depends on 'how' you use them.

Brands that Generate Leads Using QR Codes

To truly emphasize the power and efficiency of QR code lead generation, let's take a look at real-world examples—industries leveraging QR codes to drive traffic and generate leads.

Here are four brands that have successfully incorporated QR codes into their marketing strategy:

JLO Beauty

JLO Beauty is a leading skincare brand that has beautifully embraced QR codes to enhance customer engagement and lead generation. The brand cleverly employed QR codes in a bid to promote its all-new holiday collection.

A branded QR code, when scanned, led the user straight to a landing page showcasing their holiday collection, along with a limited-time offer. This effortless connection encouraged potential customers to avail of the deal, leading to a rise in leads and conversions.

The element of convenience, coupled with the enticing marketing strategy of JLO Beauty, showcases the brand's innovation and customer-centric approach. This instance proves that while QR codes may be small, their impact on a brand's lead-generation strategy can be enormous.

Synchrony Bank

The finance industry is not one to be left behind in the QR code lead generation game, and Synchrony Bank is a perfect example of this. To enhance customer service and engagement, Synchrony Bank integrated QR codes into its marketing strategy.

Synchrony Bank made it easier for its customers to apply for their Home Design Credit Card by embedding a QR code in their marketing materials. On scanning the QR code, the customer was directed to the credit card application page, eliminating the hassle of navigating through the website—truly a win-win for both parties.

By offering a seamless user journey with QR codes, Synchrony Bank simplified the process for its customers, increasing the likelihood of applications and, as a result, the generation of new leads.


The beauty industry giant, L'Oreal, went a step further in its marketing approach by adding QR codes to its product packaging. This QR code, when scanned by a customer, provides them with all the necessary product information and instructions.

However, the smartest aspect of L'Oreal's strategy is the inclusion of a link to their online store within this information. Thus, it not only educates the customer but subtly leads them towards potential product purchases, serving as an effective lead generation strategy.

QR codes have proven powerful allies in L'Oreal's marketing strategy, enhancing the customer experience while simultaneously driving traffic and generating leads. This innovative utilization of QR codes has indeed set a standard for others in the industry and beyond.


Supergoop, a skincare brand focused on sun protection, has also tapped into the power of QR codes. They adopted this technology to provide educational content related to their products and sun safety guidelines.

They intricately placed QR codes on the product packaging. When scanned, it leads the customer to a series of informative short clips, offering valuable advice on sun safety and demonstrating the product's correct usage.

While providing meaningful content, the brand also offers the customer a chance to explore other products, subtly guiding them to their online store. 

Therefore, this approach generates potential leads and nurtures them through educational content. Supergoop has effectively shown how to combine QR technology with marketing objectives to achieve an efficient lead-generation strategy.

These brands offer a riveting insight into the array of ways to use QR codes to drive traffic and generate leads effectively. As seen through their experiences, QR codes are distinctively capable of uplifting the customer experience, refining the product journey, and boosting lead generation techniques.


In conclusion, QR codes are a game-changer in lead generation, offering direct access to your products and services while enhancing user engagement.

Their cost-effectiveness disrupts traditional marketing, providing a fresh, innovative approach. Successful QR code lead generation hinges on strategic placement, design, and tracking.

Armed with these insights, you're set to harness the immense potential of QR codes. Embrace this journey and watch your lead generation efforts soar.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we aim to provide comprehensive solutions for your QR code lead generation needs, we've encountered a few frequently asked questions along the way.

What is a Lead Generator QR Code?

A Lead Generator Code, also known as a QR code, represents a technology that can elevate businesses in their marketing strategies. These codes are 2-dimensional barcodes that can be scanned through a smartphone camera or QR code readers.

A QR code can store text, links, email addresses, and phone numbers, among other forms of data. When scanned, the stored information gets activated and instantly leads the user to whatever content you've intended.

QR codes can be an excellent tool for marketers and businesses aiming to generate leads. By storing URLs or other relevant data and embedding them in easy-to-scan QR codes, businesses can initiate a seamless customer journey - from discovering the QR code to interacting with business offerings.

How to Generate Leads Using QR Codes?

To use QR codes for lead generation, follow the subsequent steps:

Content Identification - This involves deciding what type of content or resource you want your potential leads to view or interact with. It can be a downloadable asset, a page on your website, an email sign-up, or other forms of engaging content.

QR Code Creation - Use an online QR code generator tool to create your unique QR code. Input your content's URL or desired information; voila, your QR code is ready.

Integration - It's time to make your QR code visible. Integrate your QR code into marketing materials—both digital and physical. This could include brochures, flyers, outdoor banners, emails, social media posts, etc.

Interaction & Data Collection - When users come across your QR code and scan it, they will instantly land on your predetermined content resulting in the possibility of a new lead.

Follow-up - Once you've collected data from users interacting with the QR code, the next step involves follow-ups. Whether through email marketing campaigns or other means, consistent engagement is necessary to cultivate these leads toward conversion.

How do I use QR Codes to Promote My Business?

QR codes can serve multiple purposes in your marketing strategies. Below are some ways you can utilize QR codes for business promotion:

Website Traffic: Include a QR code linking directly to your website or a specific product page in your marketing material to increase web traffic.

Social Media Engagement: Create social media-specific QR codes that can lead users to your preferred social media profiles, increasing your online presence and follower count.

Email Subscription: Use QR codes leading to a subscription page, encouraging users to subscribe to your newsletters or promotional emails.

Coupons and Discounts: QR codes can also offer exclusive coupons, discounts, or promotional offers, driving sales and increasing customer engagement.

Brand Story: You can use QR codes to share interesting videos or infographics about your brand story, ensuring customers connect and relate more closely with your brand.

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